Our clients include tiny not-for-profits and large national foundations. We give each one the same care and attention.

Volunteers at the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation's Breen Prairie Preserve.  Thanks to INHF for the photo.

Volunteers at the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation's Breen Prairie Preserve.  Thanks to INHF for the photo.

What people say about us:

Long Haul helped us attempt our first audio storytelling project – and because it would be shared with our best donors on our 35th anniversary dinner, it was important that we not mess up! Dan & Elizabeth custom-fit their services to our needs and our budget. They coached us so that we could effectively do some of the prep work ourselves. Then they worked editing magic on the interviews! They brought the warmth and authenticity of real voices to our guests. The story expressed the passion and emotion of our work in a way we’ve never been able to convey it before. And when I asked our guests to “close your eyes and pretend you’re listening to NPR,” the room dropped into silence. The interviews had been transformed into a short story with passion, excitement and humor! Huge impact. Wonderful experience. We are so grateful to Dan and Elizabeth!
— Anita O'Gara, VP, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Elizabeth & Dan are some of my all-time favorite storytellers, and a real joy to work with. They created an audio slideshow for a bilingual campaign we ran in Chicago, putting the people around them at ease, and capturing the essence of each story with power and brevity. They know nonprofits; they understand budget limitations, and they listened to really understand our needs. They’re excellent strategists and creative collaborators. But most of all. they’re a lot of fun.
— RoiAnn Phillips, Communications Manager HealthConnect One®
This [story] is absolutely amazing! It speaks to civil rights, diversity, youth engagement, volunteerism, courage and conviction. Thank you ... for providing us with this beautiful statement.
— James Heaney, Superintendent, George Washington Carver National Monument
The folks at Long Haul not only produced top notch audio pieces for our land conservancy, they taught us how to be better storytellers. So often we find ourselves simply listing our accomplishments instead of digging a little deeper to look for the stories that inspire and motivate people toward action. It was like comparing a used car commercial to an NPR “driveway moment.”
— Nate Fuller, Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy

Our clients include: