Clients Doing It for Themselves (with Help!)

We give you the building blocks to grow and do your own storytelling work.

AUDIO: Iowa Natural Heritage Interns

INHF wanted a special audio presentation for their anniversary celebration, but money was tight. We helped them choose some of their most enthusiastic ambassadors, a group of former interns. INHF staff did the interviews at a local public radio station; we edited the results into an audio montage. It was the highlight of INHF's gala.

AUDIO+PHOTOS: National Park Service Centennial

We edited a StoryCorps conversation between two employees of the Nicodemus National Historic Site, the only remaining Western town established by African-Americans after Reconstruction, then the National Park Service added music and photos to create this lovely slideshow. This is one of over 25 slideshows the NPS crafted from produced interviews, used in social media and at visitor centers.

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We collaborated with StoryCorps & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on #inspirationstories, a Gates initiative to share stories of people making a difference in the world. Gates built an entire social media campaign around #inspirationstories, and hosted a number of Inspiration Story public events at the Gates Visitor Center in Seattle.