Personal Impact Stories

The people your organization impacts are its most powerful advocates. We'll work with you to find your very best Impact Stories, and the most compelling people to tell them. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Bill & Mary

Nachusa Grassland Volunteers

We profiled two volunteers at The Nature Conservancy's Nachusa Grasslands preserve in north-central Illinois. TNC paired the audio with visuals for fundraising and volunteer celebration events, and used transcribed excerpts in print materials. The story also aired on NPR and Chicago Public Radio.

Nick and the Superheroes

A Soldier Comes Home

Anna and Michael Rodriguez’s son Nick joined the Marines at 21, and served in Afghanistan. When he returned home, his parents didn't recognize that he was showing serious signs of PTSD; Nick later took his life. This story inspired NPR to do a series on military suicide, and was used by military support organizations and suicide prevention hotlines in education and outreach.


American Dreamer

Long Haul profiled Sam, an undocumented American high school senior, who was brought to the U.S. from Mexico when he was four. A talented jazz saxophonist, Sam realized he was hamstrung when he began applying for college and realized he was not eligible for financial aid. He also could not legally work. Returning to Mexico was not an option: he couldn't speak Spanish and had no memory of the place. Sam's story was used by The College Board as part of an extensive media campaign to educate on the plight of this generation of "Dreamer" students.