Podcasts & Audio Series

With decades of experience in public radio, we're uniquely positioned to help your organization craft a podcast that will keep your Impact Stories in people's ears–and in their hearts.


StoryCorps' Great Thanksgiving Listen

Podcasts are a great way to showcase special projects. This episode of the national StoryCorps podcast highlights their Great Thanksgiving Listen project, for which we were editors and consulting producers. Over 60,000 students, educators and families took part, uploading StoryCorps conversations recorded using the SC app.


AUDIO SERIES: National Park Midwest Centennial

This sample is one of a series of 28 interviews between visitors and employees at Midwestern National Park Service locations that we edited and produced. The series celebrates the NPS' 2016 Centennial and is being distributed nationally and used in social media. It's a powerful way to celebrate and document people's experiences in the parks.


AUDIO SERIES: "Road To College" w/Ford Motors

We worked with StoryCorps and the Ford Motor Company to identify great characters and facilitate interviews between parents and their college-bound kids. This series, and another on roadtrips, was distributed nationally, appeared on the NPR website, and was also featured as part of an extensive Ford social media campaign.