Spoken Word to Printed Word.

Transcribed audio interviews yield essays, pull quotes, and more: a wealth of material for websites, fundraising appeals, and print collateral.

Kellogg Foundation Annual Report

We profiled Anjelica, a young Hispanic woman leading a W.K. Kellogg Foundation-funded project in Detroit, and edited her interview's transcripts to craft a personal impact statement for the Foundation's Annual Report. The story aired on Michigan Radio, and Angelica was featured on the report's cover.

Link to Life: Encouraging Cord Blood Donation

Chicago's HealthConnect One wanted to encourage pregnant minority women to donate their babies' umbilical cord blood, which is used in a variety of important medical procedures. We developed a bilingual communication plan based on stories of minority women and children helped by these donations; components included a informational video shown in medical offices, and these brochures. 

Teenage Identity on Chicago's South Side

Part of a collaboration with renowned photographer Dawoud Bey and the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago, we interviewed high school students about their experience and sense of identity. The museum exhibit paired student audio interviews with Bey's large-format photos, and a project book contained essays edited from student interview transcripts.