Long Haul is a lean, mean, storytelling machine. Meet Dan Collison ...

One of public radio's top independent producers, Dan has crafted dozens of award-winning audio stories and documentaries for NPR's national shows over his 35+ year career. He’s produced video documentaries for HBO, PBS and Video News International, and serves as a consultant/editor to StoryCorps, the national oral history project. Dan teaches, contributes to museum exhibits and books, and is a United States Artists Media fellow. After work, Dan patrols his two-acre native planting for weeds.


and Elizabeth Meister

Elizabeth is a jack-of-all-trades: an award-winning audio producer and editor, an excellent researcher and story developer, a crack grantwriter, an open-minded collaborator, and an artistic innovator. She's worked with photographers, musicians, animators, and artists to bring Long Haul's audio stories into different venues, and her roots in social media–she started the website for public radio's This American Life–give her insight into the ways people interact with different narratives. In addition to her top-notch editing skills, she also makes a mean loaf of bread, grows praiseworthy veggies, and weaves freeform fabric.


We're supported by our amazing collaborative team: filmmakers, writers, animators, musicians ... 

We  collaborate with a slew of fabulous filmmakers, musicians, animators, and other gifted artists to grow audio stories in other forms. Our collaborators include author and journalist Alex Kotlowitz, filmmakers Tom Jennings & Pete Sillen, musicians Sufjan StevensWill Oldham, photographers Dawoud Bey, Charles Osgood & Harvey Wang, illustrators Tim Fite & Diana Sudyka, and many others.