We regularly collaborate with StoryCorps and can help bring facilitators to your location.

Jeannette and her son Axel, from a Long Haul project on cord blood donation with Chicago's HealthConnect One.

We're proud to work on custom projects with StoryCorps, the nation's oral history project, producing conversations between people whose lives have been changed by an organization's programs, philanthropy, or products. StoryCorps' mobile recording teams have recorded across the country, everywhere from small local libraries to major national foundations.

If it seems like a good fit, we'll put you directly in touch with StoryCorps' Custom Services department; they'll help you arrange to have trained StoryCorps facilitators come to your location for recordings. Conversations can be produced for your organization to use in a variety of ways, and they're all forever archived in the Library of Congress. We'll be there to help along the way.  It's a fantastic program, and we're proud to be StoryCorps' partners.