Impact Stories ... with Visuals

Stories can be enhanced with photographs, video, animation, illustrations & more.

Somebody in My Corner

The only American woman ever to be exonerated from death row talks with her husband about her experience.  A collaboration with photographer Harvey Wang and StoryCorps for the Atlantic Philanthropies, this powerful Impact Story was used in social media to draw attention to a campaign to end the death penalty.

ANIMATION: The Dog Chapel

Animation and photos combine in a visual trailer for a Long Haul documentary on a place called Dog Mountain in Vermont. A collaboration with visual artist Deborah Johnston, this was used to promote Long Haul's NPR broadcast via social media.

Nick, Michael, & the Mighty Thor

Parents who lost their Marine son when he took his life after a tour in Afghanistan talk about his love for the comic book hero Thor, and how it drove him to serve. Illustrations by Long Haul collaborator Tim Fite bring the audio to life, in a visual piece that was featured on a special website devoted to post-service suicide prevention.