Custom Workshops


Want a hand finding and telling stories? Need help getting staff to talk more about people than process? 

Long Haul's Story Workshops are built around listening and conversation. We don't use PowerPoint. Instead, we come equipped with great story examples and listen/talk as a group about why they're so powerful. We then pair colleagues in conversation, and prompt everyone to share stories behind the work they do.

In this way, our workshops are as much about team-building and connection as they are about storytelling. You'll learn more about your colleagues and why they do what they do. It's a fabulous way to understand why personal stories are such powerful tools, and why the people who tell them are your organization's best ambassadors.

With these stories as inspiration, we'll brainstorm together to dream up a comprehensive story-based communications plan for your group or organization that's appropriate to your budget. We can coach you on how to do it yourself, or help you with the more technical parts. You'll leave with a sense of what's possible, and the confidence and support to pull it off.